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Fishing Around Rotorua
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The area surrounding the town of Rotorua has a wealth of fishing opportunities. Some 13 lakes and 5 rivers, all holding rainbow and/or brown trout, are within 40 minutes drive from the centre of town.

In New Zealand we can’t buy or sell a trout. We pay a license to fish, and this money goes to trout hatcheries and for re-stocking our fishing waters. This makes us a unique and privileged group of anglers, and we can now access and enjoy our local trout in a beautiful environment. Our lakes produce world class fish, so while we can, let’s go out fishing with appreciation and anticipation! Also be generous to those who can’t access a fish.

The Rotorua Anglers Association produces the Rotorua Trout Fishing Guide. You can read more about this guide and how to order it here.

Below are links to other information on fishing the Rotorua area.

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