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Rotorua Anglers Association hosted the annual Interclub competition during the weekend of 24-26 February. The two other clubs were Tauranga and Taupo. Gavin Corbett, the organiser, said that it wasn’t so much about competition but about fishing and friendship. Prizes were generously donated by Kilwell and Hamills. On each day there were eight spot prizes and the major prizes were awarded in the following categories: heaviest rainbow, heaviest brown, best condition factor, closest to a mystery weight, junior angler, and best/worst hard luck story.

The current holder of the interclub trophy is the Rotorua Anglers Association. Congratulations to the club members who turned out to fish their hearts out. Because of the weather and an algal bloom in Lake Rotorua, the fishing waters were expanded to any lake or its tributaries in the Rotorua area, where it is legal to fish. That gave every opportunity for boat and land-based anglers alike to fish by any legal method.

The catering was organised in-house. On Friday night the clubhouse had to expand to accommodate around 50 people. Besides the competitors from Tauranga and Taupo, there was a contingent of Auckland fishers who looked in to enjoy our hospitality. Gavin Corbett, Brendan Davis and Rika Otto with the help of Marie Hutchison and her husband David organised the food. Gwen Inskeep and Terry Wood were the weighmasters. Thank you to the generous competitors who donated their catches to anybody who would take them.

Next year Tauranga will host the Interclubs. It may be held in Rotorua. There is more news about the Interclubs in the February edition of the newsletter.

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