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Joe's Place

The Association’s mission statement is:

To enjoy fishing first, to promote the development of all anglers to reach their full potential and to respect and protect the environment.

The commitment to respecting and protecting the environment saw Association members become involved in the restoration of an area around the Kauaka Stream a few years ago.

This is a project that was started by long-time association member and past patron Joe Fleet in 1995 (27 years ago). Joe extended an invitation to members to visit the site, which is part of the Peka Block and known as Te Ngahere Hou (The New Forest). I took up Joe’s invitation recently and we spent a couple of hours wandering the tracks that have been formed in the area. To say I was impressed is an understatement. This is a wonderful area full of birdlife and home to some magnificent native species. It is a credit to Joe who has spent many hours on what is a labour of love. Joe has also given me a lot of information covering the history of the project.

Sadly, much of the assistance from various groups who have been involved has fallen away and there will of course be reasons for this, one being COVID over the last couple of years. However, this project deserves all the help it can get and if we as members of the association want to uphold our commitment to respect and protect the environment I would like to think that we could commit to assisting Joe with track formation & maintenance, trap clearing & planting.

This commitment also applies to our monthly Stream Team days on the Ngongataha stream and it would be good if we could attract more than the 3 or 4 members we have over the last few months.

You’ll hear more about Joe’s project in the next month or so. It would be great if you can become a part of it.

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