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A-Z Fly Fishing Course

The A to Z fl­y fishing course offered by the Rotorua Anglers Association over a Saturday & Sunday will teach you all the basics and give you a solid foundation of knowledge and skill that will quickly transform you from a novice angler to a confident fisherman.

All the gear and equipment needed for the duration of the course can be supplied free of charge, or you can bring your own fishing gear if you prefer. We can also advise on suitable equipment to buy.

There are scholarships available for junior members if accompanied by an adult.

The course consists of five indoor classes, and concludes with an outdoor session fishing one of the local waterways.

Session 1

Understanding the different types of rod, reel and ­fly line combinations and the basic equipment needed to begin your ­fly fishing adventure.

Session 2

Basic ­fly casting, theory and practice and the three most useful knots for ­fly fishing.

Session 3

Fly Tying. Learn how to tie the simple but successful patterns used for Rotorua fishing.

Session 4

The trout's diet. An understanding of what a trout feeds on in lakes and streams and the tactics for catching trout. Fishing a nymph, dry ­fly, wet fl­y or streamer.

Session 5

Putting it all together. A fishing trip to one of the local waterways with close quarter tuition from an experienced fisherman.


A to Z Course fees (includes free membership of the association until 30 June 2024):

Adult: $135.00

Junior [10 to 16 years]: $35.00

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