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Kids' Fish Out Days

The Association has been involved in these fish out days in conjunction with Eastern Region Fish & Game for a number of years. Children aged from 6 to 14 years-old are able to catch a rainbow trout at Fish & Game's specially designed fish-out pond at its Ngongataha hatchery, 1130 Paradise Valley Road, Rotorua.

Pre-booking is required through the Fish and Game website to guarantee a spot at this popular event ( Children pay $5 for a special fishing licence and all fishing equipment is supplied by Kilwell, Rotorua. Please bring $5 cash as there is no eftpos machine. Children learn to cast, catch their own fish, after which the fish is weighed. Fish can be filleted on site. Refreshments are available on the day. Our members take a lunch-break of 1 hour at midday.

Mark Sherburn of Fish & Game says "for many children, this will be their first trout fishing experience and with expert tuition from members of the Rotorua Anglers Association, they’re guaranteed to catch a trout that can be taken home for dinner. These events really are a wonderful experience for young children. For most of the children it's their first fish. It's very exciting and leaves them on a real high, grinning from ear to ear".

The last fish out for 2022 was held on 6 November. Four  events have been held in 2022 with around 200 children at each getting the thrill of catching what was, in many cases, their first trout. The weather has played ball and we were just happy that we didn't have the COVID disruptions of previous years. The fish in the pond this year were 2 year olds as the pond was not cleared last year. The fish caught in November had put on weight and there were some feisty battles with some good conditioned fish caught. Tagged fish have been caught at each outing and the lucky young anglers were rewarded with fishing tackle courtesy of the sponsor Kilwell. 

We'll be doing it all again in August, September, October & November 2023.

Click here to view a video of the September event & here for our KFO coordinator, Brendan Davis' report on the October event.

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